Rachel Uchitel flaunts her flabby buns – surely Tiger won't rebound to that?

These pictures of Tiger Woods’ alleged mistress, Rachel Uchitel, can only be defined by one word: UNFORTUNATE. Honestly, for such a young woman, unless these photos have been doctored, she is awfully un-firm. I don’t want to say she’s flabby. But she clearly hasn’t been working out hard enough. Her body, even in still shots, looks like it’s jiggling. There are literally lumps in her bottom and, basically, there is flab exploding all over the place. Not for nothing but if he lost Elin because of this, then he’s lost big. Can you imagine what Rachel will look like at 40 if she looks like this now?
But then again, I”m also in a VERY bad mood. So maybe my judgment is compromised. What do you think about the pics? Check them out here.