With his dysfunctional marriage in disintegration, can Woods redeem his golf career?

Tiger Woods and Swedish blond Elin Nordegren have called it quits and she’s come out with an interview in People Magazine. Can he now regain his footing as the golfing champ of the World? Or was the Swedish blond his…wait a second…Swedish blond, Swedish blond….  Why does everyone go  back to this “Swedish blond?” thingy? What is up with that? Why is that relevant? 
When John Edwards humiliated wife Elizabeth, nobody referred to her ethnic origins or the color of her hair. When Jesse James humiliated Sandra, nobody referred to her ethnic origins. Same for Bill Clinton, Frank Gifford, Mark Hurd and a bunch of other bad boys in the news in the last few years who did something untenable that humiliated their wives. Actually, other than Tiger’s wife, I don’t know the ethnicity of any of these women and others who have been similarly humiliated by their cheating spouses. Why is Elin’s ethnicity so important? Even I refer to her as a “Swedish blond,” as if, somehow, the fact that she’s Swedish and blond, makes what he did even more reprehensible. what is up with that? Is it a bigger sin to commit adultery when one’s wife is a “Swedish blond?” What does the color of her hair have to do with it? Why does that need to be stated and restated as if it the most important issue in this situation? Very bewildering.
Well, whatever the case may be, his behavior was reprehensible and I think he knows that and he accepts blame and responsibility. And as he said, “it is very sad.” I feel bad all around for them. He did her wrong. But at the end of the day, when you really think about the whole sordid mess, you realize this was a very dysfunctional relationship. And the dastardly thing about relationships is, THEY TAKE TWO. Yes, it is wholly unpopular to say that Elin was in any way responsible for the break down of her marriage. But I suspect that long before Tiger bonked the first trollop, there was something fundamentally flawed and dysfunctional with the so called “love affair” that he and Elin were having. His actions went beyond cheating! There was desperation there. Resentment. Recklessness. Anger. There were a lot of emotions that are very complex at the root of that kind of behavior. That was way more than him just cheating. Their love was rotting long before he pulled out the family jewels and the question I will always have is, why? He seemingly had “everything.” Especially if “everything” is defined as a successful career, lots of money, and a Swedish blond wife. But Tiger Woods was a man who clearly felt empty inside. He wasn’t filled up at all. There is a tragic emptiness that permeated to his very soul. Ultimately, it is that emptiness that was his undoing.
Of course, it was not Elin’s job to fill her husband’s soul, nor was it his job to fill her soul. But somehow, those two people failed to give each other enough of what they both needed; they failed to live up to each other’s needs and expectations and for all her blondness and Swedishness, this man just wasn’t happy in that marriage. Oh, he probably thought he was. But he wasn’t. He probably doesn’t even know what happiness is. He probably mistakenly thought that happiness was wrapped up in having a “Swedish blond” wife.
I sure as heck don’t profess to know what happiness is. But this I know for sure: A happily married man just doesn’t do what Tiger Woods did. I can see maybe one affair. But this was something else. This was a call for help. This was an arrangement that was totally dysfunctional and didn’t stand a prayer of going the distance.
Anyways. What else? Can he redeem his golf career? Boy. I don’t know. I hope for his sake he’s got a few more wins in him. If I were him, I would have taken a few years off. But I’m not him. So.
Boy. What a disaster.