What to eat to save your marriage

WHAT TO EAT TO SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE? Lori Buckley is a certified sex therapist in Pasadena California and she did a Q&A in Health Magazine back in April about how to bring “Vacation Sex” home and whether there are really aphrodisiac foods. We did a poll a few months back that showed that when it comes to sex, it may be a factor in a few divorces but, when compared to other issues such as money and violence, it really isn’t such a deal breaker as people might think. Nevertheless, just in case, it’s always good to have a few tricks in your bag and it’s always good to know the right aphrodisiac foods to eat to keep your mate happy.
So what should you eat if you want to make your married sex hotter and avoid divorce? Well, according to Buckley, dark chocolate is always a good bet.
But should you go vegan?
This morning I learned that billionaire casino Mogul Steve Wynn has declared his two Vegas hotels, Wynn Las Vegas and Encore as Vegan zones. Steve’s girlfriend is several¬†decades younger than he is. I wonder if he finds¬†aphrodisiacal qualities in vegan food? Vegans eschew meat, eggs, honey, fish or any other animal byproducts, among other things. Sounds awfully milquetoast, eh? Especially for Sin City? We think he’s wrong. Meat is an aphrodisiac. It turns men into avaricious animals who want to devour a woman. (omg, what am I talking about?!)
Ok. Here is a list of 15 things you should definitely eat if you want to save your marriage:
1. Honey Dew
2. Mint, other breath fresheners
3. Chocolate Cake
4. Meat, bacon, eggs, anything barbecued, pork, beef
5. Buttered Bread (French or Italian)
6. Apples
7. Cucumbers
8. Carrots
9. Mussels, lobsters, crab and anything in a shell
10. Coconut Milk
12. Pizza
13. Burgers
14. Mangoes
15. possum (this one cracks me up; I mean, what is it?)