How to increase your Twitter followers: 10 tips for divorce bloggers and divorce professionals

We at Divorce Saloon have become more conscious about the use of Twitter and how that can help us build our brand and get our messages and ideas out to more readers and followers. Admittedly, we are a bit late. We’re only now waking up to the fact that while we were sleeping, savvy business folks were using Twitter to build their brands while we’ve been busy being oblivious to this trend. 
Of course we are on Twitter (you can follow us here) but as of today we have roughly 1,000 followers, or Tweeples as they say in Twitter parlance. We are happy and grateful for what we have, to be sure. But when you consider that there are folks out there with 5,000,000 followers, you realize pretty quickly that we have not been paying enough attention to this ostensibly brilliant marketing opportunity to grow our wonderful blog.
So, my job tonight was to dig through the Internet for articles and posts about how to use Twitter and to share this information with our readers, many of whom are other divorce professionals who are looking to grow their business and make rain.
So for those of you who are divorce professionals and divorce bloggers, here are ten ways that we are going to try to increase our Twitter profile, and perhaps you can too:
1. Mass follow people on Twitter (mass following is a form of spamming, evidently, so be careful with this but it is still one of the best ways to find new tweeples.)
2. Put your Twitter URL in your email signature.
3. Link to your Twitter URL in every blog post.
4. Don’t just follow people who are in the divorce field like other divorce lawyers and divorce forensics accountants and the like. It is important to have that peer reference but it’s wise to follow a broader base of people who could benefit from the information you share, if not for themselves, they can retweet it to someone in their circle – because these folks are potential clients that you can help with problems and issues they are experiencing through your tweets which should relate back to your website and blog.
5. Try not to have a huge discrepancy in the number of people who are following you vs. the number of people who are following you. That means that some degree of account management is necessary. You may need to hire someone just to manage your Twitter account! Actually many businesses do just that. Even President Obama does that and, btw, he follows Divorce Saloon on Twitter! (bragging rights! :))
6. This is hard but apparently, you have to respond to direct messages and really engage your readers (is there enough time in the day?!)
7. Pay attention to your Twitter profile and make sure it cross-pollinates with your blog and website. Don’t leave it blank.
8. Make it easy for readers and followers to retweet your stuff by first of all, having meaningful content and second of all, if we are talking about your blog and website, have a Twitter icon visibly and centrally located with an invitation to “follow me on Twitter.”
9. Read articles on the Internet about how to increase your Twitter followers, like this one here:
10. Select your Twitter picture carefully. Nobody wants to you your naked upper body and your triple K you-know-whats.
11. Actually Tweet! It’s amazing how many folks have a Twitter account with zero tweets. What is up with that? By Tweeting you build an online presence and reputation and voice which could be very important in the long run to building your business.
So that’s what I’ve learned so far. Now I have to take my own advice and see how long it takes me to double my followers. This is going to be hard but well worth the challenge, don’t you think?
Let me know what you think about these suggestions. And please follow us on Twitter at
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