DIVORCE NEWS: L.A.: Frank and Jamie McCourt bench trial begins

LATEST DIVORCE NEWS IN L.A.: Dodger owners Frank and Jamie McCourt bench trial begins
Jamie McCourt arrived to Los Angeles Superior Court today to start her divorce trial rocking a clinging white dress that shows off her girly figure. How old is Jamie? At least 60? Her face gives her away but she definitely has the body of an 18 year old. How does she do that?!
Mrs. McCourt and her husband are warring over who owns the Dodgers, a baseball franchise valued at over $700 million according to Forbes, and their divorce trial is expected to go on for a few weeks at least.
I am inclined to believe Ms. McCourt when she says she didn’t know what she was signing. Women can be pretty oblivious with money issues. Hate to generalize but that’s the truth. Also, it seems this was some sort of scheme to save their homes from creditors. These types of schemes happen all the time with married folks like the McCourts. But then again….. I’m not so sure Jamie is all that innocent.
The bad news for Jamie, at least according to Bloomberg News.com, is that she has some very impressive credentials that might mitigate her claim that she was ignorant of what she was signing:

Jamie is a lawyer who practiced divorce law and obtained an MBA from MIT,” Frank McCourt’s lawyers said in a filing. “She was the driving force behind the marital property agreement and received exactly what she wanted.”

Hme….well, okay. She’s a divorce lawyer. She went to MIT. That means she’s smart. She should have known better. The thing is, Jamie practiced in Massachusetts whose law is different from California with regard to the issue of how property is treated. Seems in California, title matters whereas in Massachusetts, it does not. Plus, there are, ostensibly, two different versions of the same agreement (a post-nup basically) that contradict each other. So it makes me tend to believe Jamie more that A) she didn’t really understand what she was signing and B) She thought this was just a ploy to hang on to their assets if the Dodgers had gone belly up. In addition to that, her argument is, why would she knowingly sign an agreement that would “make Frank a billionaire and give her a bunch of houses that were saddled with debt.” (They own about six different luxury homes.) In other words, when Jamie signed the document, divorce was the last thing on her mind….
Interesting.  And totally credible. At least, to me.
But we shall see how this divorce trial plays out. The two are repped by heavy hitters in the legal field. I think both their divorce lawyers are “superlawyers”. It is definitely a duel of equals. May the best firm win!