On dating a divorced man

Dating. As if you don’t have enough post-divorce things to figure out, now you have to figure out meeting someone new and starting over from scratch and you’re probably over 40 and set in your ways. Jeeze. Well, if you are planning to date a man (or woman) who is also divorced, there are some things to consider:

The divorced man is a special animal

1) Does he have children and where do they live? With him? Or his ex? And what role does he want you to play? Step mom? Or babysitter?
2) Did his ex wife take all his earthly possessions in the divorce settlement? What is left over if you should decide that you want to tie the knot with him down the road. And does he have a job?
3) Is he angry and resentful of all women now that his ex has left him with a hole in his heart?
4) Is he on the rebound and not really over his ex, but is willing to use you till something better comes around?
5) How did you meet him? If it’s online, did you really scrutinize his profile and read between the lines?
6) What is his personality like? Can you see exactly why his ex wanted a divorce after the first few dates?
7) Is he Mr. Wonderful? Or are you just desperate?
8) How much child support and alimony does he have to pay and for how long?
9) How old is he? How old are you?
10) What do you want or need from him and where do you think this thing can honestly go, before you even start with the kissing?
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