The flirtatious divorcee takes her bow! (brought to you by Twitter)

I found this on Twitter. It’s a program (you have to purchase) called, How to Flirt with Men. I thought I’d share it with my divorcées. You can find the website here: and also, Divorce Saloon has an online dating program which you can find here. It’s somewhat new but we are definitely hoping that our regulars will start to take advantage of it. It is TOTALLY FREE to upload your profile. Upload your profile, why don’t you? If you have trouble uploading, let us know in the contact us page.  
Now, just as a disclaimer, I haven’t put the theories espoused on to test. I think I’m a natural born flirt, actually, so I’m not going to take the course. But you may feel you need some guidance in that department. So you have to use your own judgment. I figure, what’s the harm in learning how to flirt if you don’t know how? Isn’t that what a woman has to do to find a new relationship? And what’s wrong with flirting? Sounds healthy to me. So check it out for yourself. These are the things the author says you’ll be able to do: 

Now you can discover…
How to flirt with ALL men.
The right (and the wrong) ways to flirt – plus five audio lessons from a man’s point of view!
How to have a hypnotic effect on a man (but don’t worry, no hypnosis will be used).
Ways you can practice your flirting-with-men skills to get ready for serious flirting with guys where it counts.
How to make sure you don’t step over the line with any man (or make an enemy of a woman in his life – the one you didn’t know about soon enough!)
What to do when, in the middle of your encounter, you realize that you misjudged this guy, and you need to get the heck away from this character.
How to be gracious if you must say “no thanks” to a man who is interested in you.
How to flirt with men very innocently but send some very hot messages at the same time.
How to make any man of any age feel more like a man!
How to deny, deny, deny that you were flirting with him (if you find yourself in HOT WATER because you flirted almost TOO WELL)
How to charm and flirt with your husband or boyfriend like never before – he’ll wonder what has happened to you but he’ll love you for it!
How to recover from an embarrassing or even mortifying situation.
How to make him want to see you again… and how to continue your subtle flirting and keep the fires burning between you.