Has former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani divorced his children?

HAS FORMER NYC MAYOR RUDY GIULIANI DIVORCED HIS KIDS? Former Federal prosecutor and NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani’s daughter Caroline Giuliani, a Harvard University student, has been given a slap on the wrist by a Manhattan judge for a petty theft of approximately $100 worth of cosmetics at Sephora — a high end cosmetic store that, according to the Associated Press, is owned by Paris-based luxury goods giant LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton.
The pretty collegiate will have to do one day of volunteering as her punishment prior to her return court date of November 4, 2010. How fortunate she is to be who she is!
Ms. Giuliani is the daughter of media personality Donna Hanover and Mayor Giuliani – a twosome that had a particularly acrimonious divorce a few years ago which started with a press conference he gave announcing his plans to divorce his wife, prior to discussing the matter with her. At the time, Mr. Giuliani was allegedly having a love affair with his current wife, Judy; and during the pendency of the divorce proceedings (the mayor was battling prostate cancer at the time) Donna, his now ex wife had to go to court to ban Judy, his now current wife, from Gracie Mansion – the NYC mayoral residence. In the end, though, Judy had the last laugh because she married the mayor, coincidentally of course, in Gracie Mansion not long after the divorce. 
It was a drama like you would not believe. 
Well, it seems that all the drama turned the children off from their father. Caroline, the alleged petty thief, famously joined Barack Obama’s Facebook page during the 2008 presidential election when her father was seeking the Republican Nomination. Son Andrew (Donna and Rudy had two kids together) did not deign to get involved in his father’s spectacularly failed attempt to win the Oval Office.
Fast forward to today, however, and it is clear that not only have the children divorced their father, but it seems he has divorced them as well. Appearances, of course, can be deceiving. But according to the Associated Press Rudy did not attend Caroline’s hearing in Manhattan Supreme today. Her mother attended as did other family members and friends. But her father was notably absent. That speaks volumes, doesn’t it?