How and where to get divorce clients when you're just starting out: 20 tips

People in the divorce field are always looking for new clients and clients are always looking for professional assistance since, unfortunately, divorce rates around the world continue to sky-rocket.
What are some ways to build your book of clients?
1) Get on Twitter.
2) Get referrals from existing clients.
3) Join a referral service.
4) Build a website and get it optimized for certain key words such as “divorce advice” “divorce help” “divorce professionals” etc.
5. Become an expert and get visible in the right community that needs your services.
6. Talk to other lawyers, accountants, financial planners etc., and cross-refer clients to each other.
7. Give out your business cards at court; the place is crawling with potential clients.
8. Choose the location of your office intelligently (street level offices have a certain tactical advantage over being in a high rise building because, depending on the community you serve, you can get walk in business.)
9. Get on Facebook and Linkedin and maximally leverage your contacts.
10. Join community groups such as PTA associations, political groups and the like and build a reputation and presence.
11. Advertise on Google.
13. Get an email list of certain geographical areas and send out newsletters.
14. Take advantage of free sites like Craigslist (services section.)
15. Join bar associations and go to CLE classes and network.
16. Put your firm name and phone number on your car.
17. Give free conferences or hold teleseries on the divorce subject.
18. Join a religious institution and get vocal and visible.
19. Hire a marketing consultant
20. Write articles about divorce and family law in as many publications as you can and include your bio and contact info.
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