Losing a husband vs. Losing a baseball team: Jamie McCourt's Tikkun Olam did not include a trip to Israel with her driver. Did it?

More gossip. I just realized that Frank McCourt had been accusing soon to be ex wife Jamie of infidelity. He claimed in depositions that she had had an affair with a subordinate, who, it turns out, is a bounty hunter who worked as a driver for the couple. Wow. Now, not only is she losing her husband, she may even lose the Dodgers and maybe even the driver/bounty hunter too. (Jamie and the driver first went public on a trip she and he made to Israel, prior to her filing for divorce last fall.)
I still believe Jamie that this was a scheme to avoid creditors. I do not believe she ever intended that Frank would own the dodgers and she would own the 6 or 7 houses that are “saddled with debt.” Jamie’s whole “tikkun Olam” was to aggrandize herself by being Mistress of the Dodgers franchise forever. That would allow her to continue her posh lifestyle in Los Angeles and fund tons of charities and do good works with a young whipper snapper bounty hunter for arm candy.
Jamie, of course, has denied she ever slept with the chauffeur/bounty hunter before the marriage cracked up. She has said, “I never ever slept with anyone while my marriage was still in tact.”
I believe her. Because she had a tikkun olam. Adultery would have gotten in the way of her tikkun olam. But she does have a banging body, doesn’t she? For such an “old” woman. It’s like, whoa.