IRAN: Carla Bruni Sarkozy accused of causing French Pres. Nicolas Sarkozy's 2nd divorce, and of being a "prostitute"

IRAN: If it’s one thing that French President Nicolas Sarkozy hates, it’s prostitutes. He is strongly against the practice and a few years ago came down hard on women in the profession for “soliciting” or even having the appearance of soliciting. He also was against legalizing brothels in France even though the French people were in favor.
So imagine his chagrin with the Iranian press which has dubbed his beautiful wife Carla Bruni Sarkozy a “prostitute.” It is unfair that the Iranian press is resorting to name calling just because Carla (who admittedly has a penchant for posing in scanty clothing and without underwear) came to the defense of of an Iranian mother who has been condemned to death for having a relationship with two men, in violation of Iranian law.
The good thing is that the Iranian government has come out and said that these types of insults agains an International figure will not be tolerated in the Iranian press. However, the damage is already done.
The whole thing is low browed: Stoning this woman to death, having laws in a country in 2010 that allows stoning as a punishment, calling Carla a prostitute, attacking Carla just because she came to this woman’s defense, and Carla having those pictures out there that show her posing without any underwear on and trying to pass it off as art. It’s all low browed.
But the question is did Carla cause Nicolas Sarkozy’s divorce from his second wife Cecelia? This was the first I am hearing these allegations. Not that it’s all that shocking. But I simply never heard it before. I thought it was Cecelia who had caused President Sarkozy’s divorce from his first wife? How could I have gotten the story so wrong?