Billionaire Steve Cohen divorces the Democrats and plots strategy with GOP contributors in Greenwich

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Two-time divorced hedge fund manager Steve Cohen has divorced the Democratic party and has switched his allegiance to the Republicans. According to Absolute Return, Steve, founder of SAC Capital Advisors hosted a number of heavy hitters in his posh Greenwich Connecticut home this weekend. It was largely a strategy session to discuss how best to use contributions to ensure Republican candidates win in the November elections. Meanwhile, Cohen and his ex wife Patricia Cohen are still actively litigating their divorce fraud case in Manhattan Supreme. Patricia claims her husband hid assets and filed false documents when they divorced about nearly two decades ago. She also accuses him of committing insider trading and other wrongdoings in contravention of the federal anti-racketeering statutes. (Patricia, btw, is being sued by one of her divorce lawyers Batista, for unpaid legal fees.)
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