What to wear to your divorce? How about a sheath?

Clients often seek advice from their divorce lawyer on this question: What to wear to court. Good question. I’ve had this in draft waiting for the right time to pull it out and complete it. In fact, back on August 30, we tweeted that we were working on a post, What to wear to your divorce. I just finished it and was so excited to put it up, but then I was informed that the Wall Street Journal has actually beaten me to writing an article on How to Dress for Court. Oops! Hope they don’t think I’m ripping off their idea! Because I’m not. No, really, I’m not. You can check my August 30 tweets and you’ll see that I said we were working on it before the WSJ did their article — Which is a pretty good informative piece as you would expect. You should check it out. Anyways, I debated whether to post this and the decision I came to is “why not?” So long as I am original, there is always room for more perspectives on things like this. Right?
Ok. So, you need advice about what to wear to court to face the judge, you ex and all those witnesses. Not such an easy answer. I mean, it’s not like a wedding. You know what to wear to your wedding. But what do you wear to your divorce? What is the right look? That has been the question many clients have posed on the eve of their first court appearance.  I’ve always advised to dress just slightly less impressive than you would for a job interview. But then again, it depends on the kind of job you have.  I mean, a construction worker is not going to go to a job interview in a suit. Neither is a fashion model, or a chef or a hair dresser.
So I guess the better advice is to use your discretion. Think conservatively. And a suit is always a safe bet.
Now, if you are Jamie McCourt, those sheath dresses that showcase your toned 60 year old arms and girlish figure are quite classy too.
What I don’t think is ever appropriate in divorce court is beachwear, excessive jewelry, tank tops, jeans, and anything that reveals parts of the anatomy that ought to be covered up in civilised company. In other words, cover the girls, the belly button, and everything in the nether regions and you should be in good shape. 
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Updated September 4, 2010