DIVORCE AID: Do you have what it takes to be a "divorce coach?"

Divorce law is complicated. That is why people need and hire divorce lawyers all the time to help them navigate their divorce. But it takes more than one divorce lawyer to get many people from start to finish. It takes a whole village of people and players including accountants, private investigators, certified divorce financial analysts and other professional people. They don’t come cheap. We have posted on this divorce blog ad nauseum, the cost of divorce can be astronomical. That is about to get more dear because I am about to suggest yet another person to join your team: the divorce coach. This person is like a consultant and could really be your cheerleader as you go through what is often times a difficult, painful process. Divorce coaches can’t necessarily help you interpret and break down divorce law (unless they are lawyers) but they can help you with keeping your spirits up and that is probably just as important as knowing what the law is on these issues you are facing.
One of our new twitter follows runs this website. It is a woman named Wendy McKay and she calls herself a “Divorce Renovator.” I have to say what she does sounds really wonderful and I am thinking about adding divorce coaching to our consultancy at Divorce Saloon. But she’s really skilled. Her direct message when she began following Divorce Saloon was “you are awesome.” Now, after the day I’ve had (I even cussed on Twitter and almost tossed my laptop into the trash because I’m getting my butt kicked with trying to upload some stuff on the site and it’s been three days and I’ve had it) it was just sweet to have someone join our bandwagon and say “you are awesome.” It took away so much of that negative feeling and really perked me up to the point that I figured I’d put up this post even though I’d vowed not to write single post on this thing ever again for the rest of my life.
Everybody should follow Wendy on Twitter. And if you are getting divorced, try her divorce coaching services. She sounds great. I think she would make a great divorce coach myself.
Thanks Wendy!