Divorcee Star Jones' star power not enough to help billionaire Jeff Greene – but he's suing for defamation and libel

After her divorce, talk show personality Star Jones has done a lot of things. One of them was to stomp for Florida Democratic hopeful Jeff Greene, a self-made billionaire from California (he catapulted to the Billionaire’s club after betting heavily on credit default swaps, the same poisonous types of investments that led to the housing meltdown that has hit Florida much harder than most other states) in the Florida primaries. 
For Star, it must be nice to have friends in high places. Divorceé Jones apparently put out telephone messages on her billionaire friend’s behalf, to wit:

“Hi, this is Star Jones. I know you have a very important Senate race coming up, and for most Floridians, this race is about more than politics. It’s about jobs, families, and a future you can count on.
“My friend Jeff Greene is unbeholden to any special interest group, corporate entity or government lobbyist, and as an attorney that means something to me.
“That means you can count on him to do the right thing simply because it’s the right thing, and the talk show host in me thinks, ‘Now isn’t that refreshing.'”

Unfortunately for Mr. Greene, Ms. Jones’ support and endorsement were not enough for him to overtake his challenger Mr. Kendrick Meek who was backed by almost divorcé Bill Clinton (whose new son in law Marc Mevzinsky allegedly works for the hedge fund company that just bought Burger King).
Now word is out that billionaire Greene is hopping mad at the press for publishing false and malicious stories about him and a yacht and girls and a bunch of other things when he parked on Cuban shores after a malfunction of his engines (Actress Lindsay Lohan and Madame Heidi Fleiss are also pals of his, apparently, and partied on his yacht and lived in his guest house, respectively).
Mr. Greene feels that the papers intentionally put out false and misleading information about him to ruin his chances of winning, and to damage his character in the process and so he is suing for about $500 million dollars. Because you know why? He’s a happily married man with a 10 month old child. He can’t have it out there that he’s involved with anything that that is less than chaste.
Just as an aside, before I realized he was married, I was a little bit excited for Star because I remember when she was on the view she had made a list of things she wanted in her life and one was to get married (she did but it unfortunately ended in divorce) but another was that the man she married would be a billionaire. So when I heard that Jeff Greene was a billionaire and she was out stomping for him, I was excited for her. She had finally found her prince, her Mr. Perfect. But alas, he’s already taken. I wonder by whom? Oh. It’s an ethnic Chinese beauty by the name of Mei Sze Chan. Apparently the best man at the Greene/Chan nuptials was non other than Mike Tyson.
Star Jones, Mike Tyson, Mei SzeChan, Lindsay Lohan, Heidi Fleiss…..Mr. Greene definitely sounds like an interesting billionaire, doesn’t he?