CORPORATE DIVORCE: HP kicked Mark Hurd to the curb but he rebounds quickly with Oracle

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Boy, whatever former Hewlett Packard CEO Mark Hurd is packing, people seem to like it. A lot. Just weeks after a disgraceful exit from HP, a consequence of sexual harassment allegations, (the ink is barely dry on his multi-million dollar settlement agreement he got from the divorce from HP) billionaire CEO of Oracle, Larry Ellison, (a vocal opponent of the Hurd dump) has hired hurd to be the co-president and has nominated him to the board of directors of the company. Ellison lavishly praised Hurd and credited him with helping make billions of dollars Hewlett Packard through aggressive cost cuts and well time acquisitions.
Guess HP didn’t figure that there were other fishes in the sea for Hurd. And big ones. Wall Street was definitely taken by surprise by the speed with which this new marriage between Hurd and Oracle took place. But, again, everybody had concurred that whatever Hurd is packing, it’s really, really good stuff. Especially billionaire Ellison, his reported tennis partner:

Oracle, the No. 1 database software maker, and HP, the No. 1 personal computer and printer maker, are longtime partners that are increasingly squaring off against each other. Oracle’s $7.4 billion acquisition of Sun Microsystems last year made it a competitor to HP in the market for computer servers.
The Wall Street Journal reported on Hurd’s job talks with Oracle earlier.
In coming to Hurd’s defense following his resignation, Ellison called HP’s decision to oust Hurd the worst personnel decision since Apple Inc. forced out Steve Jobs – another of Ellison’s friends – 25 years ago. Jobs later returned and lifted Apple out of a funk, turning it onto a top maker of consumer-electronics products.

Mr. Hurd is still a happily married man. His wife Paula has not asked for divorce, and that is admirable in light of the circumstances. But then again, he makes good money. What is she going to trade him in for at this point? It’s not as if divorced women in her age group are having that much success finding eligible men with the same level of success as a metrosexual like Mark. And he’s obviously a winner. In this economy and in light of the sexual harassment scandal and all, that he landed a job, and such a big one at that, so quickly, just goes to the fact that call him a loser if you want for allegedly harassing a woman, but he’s actually a winner because he gets the job done and he knows how to pick em and he lands the big catch, like that job with Oracle. So shut up.
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