Getting divorced because your husband thinks you're a hussy?

What is a hussy? I don’t even know what that word actually means….. I’m not even kidding. Hang on……….. I’m going to Google the term……….hang on………still Googling………….oh…………………….. OMG!
Yea. I’d divorce him too. That is tantamount to abuse to have your husband think of you that way. Especially if it’s not true and you just happen to be married to a paranoid schizophrenic who is intimidated by your attractiveness and has trust issue with no logical basis and thinks you are immoral and would cheat on him, etc. Ew.  If a man is actually using that term to describe his wife? Then this is deep. This is serious. I mean, this is a level of jealousy and distrust that could end up badly; like, violently. Some husbands can go as far as to kill a wife they think is a “hussy” according to the definitions I just read. Actually, one English definition of “hussy” is “housewife.” So that’s not so bad. But others…wow. Wow. It’s like calling your own wife a “ho.”
That’s disgraceful. It really is. Even if the wife is a bit flirtatious. No man should ever resort to throwing that name around at his wife. That is a provocation for divorce. In my humble opinion. What do you think?
Am off to Six Flags, I’ve been ordered. Hate the experience. Don’t like all these horrific rides and roller-coasters and all this nonsense. But don’t have a choice. It’s a “family trip.” Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!!!!!!!!
Ok. Bye. Have a great day. Tell me what you think about the hussy question.