Need help and advice with your divorce? Here are the 10 best divorce blogs according to

Helpful divorce blogs
Need help with your divorce anxiety?

“DIVORCE BLOGS FOR WOMEN” is one of our most frequent keyword searches on Divorce Saloon. Is that because more women than men are writing divorce blogs?

How might starting a divorce blog help you better cope with your divorce?

Not sure if more women than men write divorce blogs but I wouldn’t be surprised if in fact more women than men start divorce blogs. By the way, are you a blogger who has written a great divorce blog? Please write and let us know so that we can include you on our next list which will come out randomly, sort of the way we do everything around here. For now, here is our top ten picks for divorce blogs in descending order:
10. Generation X Files This blog has a lot of quality writing, although it doesn’t seem to be updated regularly. But when it is, it sure is interesting.
9. Thrive After Divorce This one is fairly well updated and has loads of information that might be helpful to you if you are experiencing the pain of divorce at the moment.
8. Darn Divorce great little blog that is jam packed with great writing. We really enjoyed it.
7. Dad’s House this is a very sexy blog and it is well-traffiked. This guy gets like over 30 comments for a lot of his posts. Plus, he’s getting media attention like CNN so he must be on to something. It gives the guy’s perspective in a divorce, so if you are male, it is definitely for you.
6. What’s love got to do with it this is updated recently and its women-centric. It’s got stuff on dating, sex, and other goodies. Highly recommended. Oh, and nice writing too.
5. Family Lore This is written by a barrister (or solicitor?) in UK. But you can tell this guy really knows his stuff and has been around a while. Plus, he’s got that traditional English sense of humor that just cracks me up.
4. First Wives World is a great blog for women. It just hits all the spots about divorce issues and is well trafficked.
3. Two blogs Judith’s Divorce Blog and this other one tie for 3rd place.  I keep meaning to do a post about teeth whitening and divorce which I read on divorce blog uk. Judith is always funny in that dry English way too. Plus she links to us so we appreciate her.
2. This is a sexy blog written by an unknown blogger but it is well put together and has loads of information.
1. Divorce Saloon This is the best divorce blog of all time. Check it out and you will see why we think so. It’s just got it all, information, news, gossip, tips, legal advice, and even some humor to boot. We think it is the number one divorce blog on the blogosphere at the moment….but maybe we are slightly biased. Eh?  🙂
Originally published August, 2009
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