DIVORCE NEWS: MONTANA: Former billionaires Tim and Edra Blixseth’s divorce story takes a new twist

Ex billionaire Tim Blixseth is kinda, sorta happy today, in spite of his messy divorce from ex wife Edra Blixseth, now that a federal bankruptcy court has denied claims by Credit Suisse that Blixseth owed them $229 million stemming from loans the bank made to Blixseth and his now ex Edra when they were still married and living the billionaire lifestyle in Billings, Montana, and were the proud owners of the exclusive billionaire  Yellowstone Club (guys like Bill Gates reportedly belonged to the exclusive club). 
Tim must be awfully relieved with the news that he’s only been ordered to repay a fraction of that amount, in the region of  $40 million.
Tim is still not that totally happy, though. He expects the $40 million to be reduced to about $4 million. Plus, he’s been taking pot shots at ex wife Edra according to Associated Press reports about her role in the bankruptcy and other matters relating back to their divorce case. The AP said in part:

He also said that federal authorities were investigating his ex-wife and others on fraud allegations stemming from events surrounding the bankruptcy. She denied the accusation. “There is a major criminal investigation under way,” Tim Blixseth said. “There has been a conspiracy using the bankruptcy system in a fraudulent way.”

 Wow. Tim’s been trying to blame Edra for the whole mess apparently, in particular the Yellowstone Bankruptcy, which he claims happened because of a fraudulent deal Mrs. Blixseth made with Cross Harbor Capital. But the bankruptcy judge wasn’t buying it. He basically said in his order that the bankruptcy had nothing to do with Edra’s deal with Cross.
Speaking of Edra. She may be in big trouble. There are rumors that she is being investigated by the FBI and the U.S. attorney’s office stemming from deals that relate back to her divorce from Tim and the Yellowstone Bankruptcy (Yellowstone has emerged from bankruptyc, btw, now that it has new owners). This story keeps taking new twists and turns. No telling where this is going to end up.
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