NEW YORK: John Bunz, 90, kills wife Virgina Bunz, 89 with a hammer: A divorce may have saved her life

Weird Divorce News
Would a divorce years ago have saved this New York woman from death at the hands of her husband? The couple John and Virginia Bunz were married for 68 years and seemed to be a happy couple. However, earlier this year Mr. Bunz took a hammer to his wife’s head and beat her repeatedly till she died.
It’s sad, given that he will now also spend the rest of his life in prison, unless he lives to be a lot older than 107 years old – which is possible these days. But what a sad story. That was clearly not a happy marriage. Or maybe it was happy for a while, but then it stopped being happy and there was all this latent anger and resentment that had obviously been building, probably for decades.
They were married back in the 1940’s when marriage and divorce were different and perceived differently and they were probably prisoners of the notion that to divorce is to fail. They saw this as a stigma so they probably stayed together out of habit, long after they stopped loving each other. Which is tragic. Because what a waste of life, a waste of time. And now, they are both dead in their own ways. She is actually dead. He is dead in the sense that his life is over. There’s nowhere to go from here.
If only he and Virginia had had the courage to end this marriage a long time ago, maybe they both could have lived their last days in dignity, rather than have an end like this. Very, very sad. And maybe even a little bit weird.