Blackberry v. iPhone: does a difference in phone preference predispose couples to divorce?

Can a difference in phone preference cause a divorce? I wonder about this but I don’t really have any deep analysis I want to do. I just wanted to throw the question out there. Because it seems to me that people are very specific about their phones. Blackberry users tend to eschew the iPhone and iPhone users would be caught dead with a Blackberry, or droid or whatever. But what does one’s phone say about him or her? And is a couple who is part of a phone divide a viable relationship? In other words, does the difference in preference suggest fundamental differences and even incompatibility that are effects that could ultimately cause a divorce? Or is this one of those situations were opposites attract? And if, in fact, a difference in phone preference really does say something about how compatible a couple is, how should they handle this? Should they get couple’s counseling, for example? Should one of the couple conform to the other and toss his or her phone in favor of what the other partner carries? Could this also spill over to the kids and cause friction in the entire family? In other words if dad insists on purchasing the iPhone for Junior but mom objects and wants Junior to either carry a Blackberry or some other type of phone, can this lead to divorce…?
Maybe this is a bit too ridiculous. It is unimaginable that a difference in phone preferences could cause such deep problems in any body’s relationship. If, certainly, that’s the reason they cite, I am willing to wager that the phone was an effect (one of many), not the cause, of the breakdown of the relationship. What do you think?
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