How to hide money right before you file for divorce

Should you hide money before you file for divorce?

how to hide money
Wondering where to hide those marital assets?

Someone once asked me how to hide money in anticipation of a divorce. I was totally stumped. And I still am.

I would think that the way a person could do that is simply to put the money in a secret account, or in the account of a friend or family member (and hope that the person is honest); or in offshore accounts in the Caribbean (Europe seems to be a bit of a risk these days). Or you could transfer it to the balance sheet of a stealth business you have going on that your spouse doesn’t know about….. How to hide money…. Hmmmme…I’m sure there are lots of ways to do it; I just can’t really brainstorm on this one because it may be inappropriate for me to do so according to the “ethical rules.”

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But the bigger question beyond how to hide money is whether hiding money and assets from your spouse is an appropriate thing to do and the answer is probably “no.” First of all, when you sign your financial affidavit, (that is required in all contested divorces) you do so under oath. So you perjure yourself when you swear that your affidavit is true, if, in fact, you have money stashed in a secret account. If you are caught, you could be thrown in prison – worse case scenario; or you could lose all the money; or you could be ordered to share the stash with your spouse.

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It’s wrong to do this. And I am not trying to preach to you because you are an adult and you know right from wrong for your own self. But I would ask you what if your spouse did this to you? How would you feel? A little bit angry and violated, right?
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