Is Mario Lopez divorce-phobic? Why won't he marry baby mama Courtney Mazza?

DWTS runner up Mario Lopez and his girlfriend Courtney Mazza, 28, have just had a beautiful baby girl named Gia Francesca according to published reports. Mario and Courtney are very proud of their little bundle of joy and are already planning to have more children. They live together in a love nest in Glendale according to Yahoos OMG! But, interestingly, they are not married. Why is that? What is stopping him from making an “honest” woman of Ms. Mazza? She is pretty. She just bore him his first child. They are living together. Why not make it official? Is he afraid of divorce? With only one short lived marriage under his belt, it is unclear why Mario would be so phobic of the marital union that he prefers to live in sin with the mother of his children. Or maybe he thinks he’s Brad Pitt?
Mario, marry the woman, already. It sounds so much more respectful to say “my wife and I had a baby” than “my live-in girlfriend and I had a baby…”
Honestly, Mario. You’re a good looking guy. Just marry the woman and stop trying to be Brad Pitt. And we take invitations. So feel free to send an invite over here.
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