10 divorce commandments to live by: Divorce advice for men and women

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1. Thou shalt not put the children in the middle of thy divorce battle and force them to take sides
2. Thou shalt not alienate thy children’s affections for the other parent and/or fail to provide post-divorce financial support to the children to spite the other parent.
3. Thou shalt not tell lies (including domestic violence and child abuse) about thy spouse to law enforcement or the court to gain a leg up in the divorce.
4. Thou shalt not use social networking to defame, threaten or embarrass thy spouse and spill all the dirty laundry about thy business (Youtube is particularly verboten)
5. Thou shalt not kill thy spouse.
7. Thou shalt not kill thy spouse’s lover.
8. Thou shalt not hide assets from thy spouse to gain an advantage in the settlement agreement.
9. Thou shalt not dishonor signed agreements such as prenups, post-nups and try to get them tossed if thou knowingly signed said agreement, and thou had all the facts, prior to the divorce.
10.Thou shalt not covet thy spouse’s post-divorce, blended happy family and wish harm upon them, or create havoc for them on purpose just to bust the whole thing up because thou art so jealous.
Thus saith the Lord Thy God.
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