ITALY: Divorced? Looking for a billionaire sugar daddy? Italy's billionaire PM Silvio Berlusconi may be just the man for you!

ITALY: Forget those cheap billionaires in Hong Kong who attend wealth camps to learn about how to keep your grubby little paws off their loot. Now that he’s almost divorced, Italy’s prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has no problem whatsoever with women coming after him for his bank account. On the contrary, he seems to encourage it. The soon to be divorced (he is separated and must wait two more years pursuant to Italian law to officially divorce his wife Veronica Lario) may be experiencing low poll numbers overall (he may not get re-elected at this rate), but he hasn’t lost his sense of humor or his “earthiness” or love of women. According to the AP, Mr. Berlusconi was recently quoted as saying that young women ought to seek out a man with money. Says the Associated Press:

The billionaire businessman appeared at a convention Sunday of the youth wing of his People of Freedom party. When questioned by one of his Cabinet ministers – a woman – he joked about marriages of convenience, saying women were lining up for him because “I’m a nice guy” and “I’m loaded.” He also recalled a much-criticized TV interview he once gave, when “I said to a girl to look for a wealthy boyfriend. This suggestion is not unrealistic.”
He also claimed women favor older men, thinking that “he’s old. He dies and I inherit.”

 At 73, the billionaire PM isn’t that harsh on the eyes. He looks like a man in his 50’s at most. And he’s definitely got machismo, a quality that a lot of women pretend to dislike but secretly admire and desire.
Of course, as I said, if marriage is in your plans, calculate at least another two years before he can legally make an honest woman of you because he has to wait till he’s ofifcially divorced, pursuant to Italian divorce law. But, all things considering, he may be worth the wait….how’s your Italian?
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