COSTA RICA: Breaking divorce news: Spencer Pratt detained on gun possession charges; divorce from Heidi called off

Celeb splits – breaking divorce news:
Is the divorce off for Spencer and Heidi? It appears so now that a weird gun possession charge was mounted and then lifted against Spencer, who was also briefly detained in Costa Rican custody to explain why he was packing two unloaded pistols in their luggage as they tried to leave Costa Rica after a love-fest holiday which, initially, they tried to play off as if they weren’t together. I’ve always been of the opinion that Ms. Montag’s divorce filing was “fake.” And the rumored sex tapes that Spencer was allegedly peddling were also fake. This was all a grand attempt, in my opinion, to get publicity for some new reality show they are going to unleash. Same with breaking news about this gun charge. They want attention. They want to keep the attention and conversation on them. Look, even I’m talking about them and all I know about them is that Heidi keeps getting her breasts surgically enhanced and they were on a reality show on MTV.
My grand conclusion? There will be no divorce. And even if there is, it will be “fake.” Spencer and Heidi are just a couple of publicity “hussies.” Wow. I think I’ve come up with a new term. Publicity hussy. I googled it and it’s not been used yet. I should trademark it the way Paris Hilton trademarked “that’s hot.” I am sure I’ll start to hear it used in a a few months. But remember you heard it here first: publicity hussy. Now, if you want to know what to do if your husband dares to call you a hussy? Read this.
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