WISCONSIN: DA Kenneth Kratz not getting divorced in spite of sex texts sent to domestic abuse victim

Sexting may be a form of adultery, but Kenneth Kratz’s marriage won’t end in divorce because of racy texts he sent to domestic abuse victim; nor wil he lose his job as District Attorney
Domestic abuse victim  Stephanie Van Groll is upset by the legal process in Wisconsin that failed to revoke the law license of, and fire, DA — attorney Kenneth Kratz. Kratz, a married father, was prosecuting the woman’s ex husband boyfriend, for “choking her” while simultaneously sending her racy text messages of the sexual nature. She is probably more than a little bit upset that Kratz’s wife didn’t ask for a divorce for his emotional adultery.
Here, according to the ABA Journal, is one of the sexts Mr. Kratz sent the domestic abuse victim:  “Are you the kind of girl that likes secret contact with an older married elected DA … the riskier the better?”
Mr. Kratz is not having as much trouble holding on to his marriage as he is to holding on to his job. Some people think that his marital and professional trangression rise to the level of misconduct, and his wife probably agrees with the former, even though she’s probably going to hang on to her “prize” for dear life. But the ethics committee in Wisconsin definitely did not think the sext messages were that big a deal, according to the ABA Journal and he will not face a revocation of his law license, or even a reprimand.
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