Father's rights vs. Mother's rights: What about the children's rights?

As mentioned yesterday in this post, Father’s Rights groups and law firms specializing in¬†Father’s rights litigation are mushrooming all over the country. This morning, I saw something on google blog search called “Mother’s Rights.” And it just gave me pause. Obviously, I believe in father’s rights and mother’s rights. But where does the exercise of all these “rights” leave the children? Children are not chattel. They are people. They have a right to have parents who treat them like people and not a prize, not a possession, not an “asset” they fight over after they get divorced. Where is this going to stop? When each party in a divorce action are fighting for these gender-specific penumbra of rights, what is it saying? What does it mean? What is the outcome for children? And how is this warring in the best interest of the child? Whose rights should trump, in other words? Which parent has more “rights” to the child?….notwithstanding that mothers did the hard work of carrying the little bundle for nine months? Which cannot be discounted. But where does this stop? Where are the kids in all of this?
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