NEW YORK: How many billionaires have been divorced more than three times? Take a guess…

Billionaires, monogamy and divorce: How many serial divorcé billionaires are there out there?
Over at Forbes, managing wealth editor Bruce Upbin has come up with this interesting “divorce chart” that depicts graphical data about the marrying (and divorcing) habits of billionaires. Here’s what Mr. Upbin says, in part,about the myth of the serial divorcing billionaire:

Let’s debunk together. First off, the serially divorcing billionaire is a unicorn, a myth. Most filthy rich men are fairly monogamous. Fewer than 100 people on the Forbes 400 list of richest Americans have been married more than once. Fewer than 20 are on a third wife. The elite four-wife club, which offers your best chance at seeing an old guy marry a woman 30 years his junior, has a mere 6 members. The reality is that billionaires who divorce often tend to remarry women closer to their age, with a few dramatic exceptions.

Hme…wonder if there is any similar data for women billionaires. How many of them are onto the second, third and fourth husbands? And do they similarly marry men their own age? Or do they tend to lean more towards pool boys? Well, that said, check out the post over at Forbes here, and draw your own conclusions.