Ashton and Demi Moore to divorce? Is he cheating? Or is this all lies?


Is Ashton Kutcher cheating on 47 year old wife Demi Moore? Is a divorce imminent?

Recent news sources have suggested that there is at least a question about Ashton’s fidelity to his movie star wife Demi Moore. To put it bluntly, it has been said that Ashton is cheating on Demi. All allegations, of course, and Ashton and his attorneys will certainly level some charges soon for libel because he is steadfastly denying the truth of these allegations.
But apparently, a couple of women have intimated that Ashton has cheated on Demi. I hope it’s all lies for his sake and hers.
Ashton and Demi have been married only five years. They seem happily married but these allegations of cheating by Ashton Kutcher could possibly result in Demi Moore asking for a divorce. It would be a second divorce for Demi who was once married to, and then divorced, movie star Bruce Willis, with whom she has three lovely daughters.
Does Ashton Kutcher secretly want a divorce from his wife? Sometimes when a man wants a divorce and he doesn’t know how to ask for a divorce, he cheats. Or he does something so terrible, that if he wife finds out, she will ask for a divorce. That way, it takes the onus off of him to ask for the divorce. I am fully convinced that Tiger Woods wanted a divorce. He either couldn’t admit it to himself, or was self-delusional. That is not to say that Ashton is cheating on Demi. I don’t know that and so I am not saying that. But there have been recent reports that there has been infidelity in Ashton and Demi’s marriage.
Demi and Ashton have a fifteen year age difference. Sometimes when there is such a huge age difference between a man and his wife, it doesn’t augur well for the longevity of the marriage. This seems particularly true when the woman is older than the man. Sexist? Maybe. But I don’t make the rules. I just call them as I see them. A fifteen year age difference is a bit too much for a successful marriage that lasts till the end of time. Be ye evenly yoked, remember? Even in age. Demi and Ashton set themselves up for divorce because there is a huge difference in age. Demi is smoking hot, of course, and she looks better than even her daughters who are in their twenties. But she’s still a 47 year old woman who is married to a man who is only 32. Ashton probably wants his own biological children. At 47, absent a miracle, he won’t be having that with Demi Moore.
Even if Ashton is not cheating on Demi, this marriage is unlikely to see it’s ten year anniversary. Demi needs a man who is closer to her age and Ashton needs a woman who is younger than him, or closer to his age, at most 35.  Ashton appears to be still immature in many ways. He’s very boyish. He’s like Demi’s much younger brother, or nephew more than a husband material. They are probably happy together and they have a good time together but it won’t last till they grow old and grey. Ashton Kutcher or Demi Moore will ask for a divorce from the other, eventually.
And it’s sad. Because obviously, Ashton and Demi love each other very much. And they do look good together. But they can’t change biology and they can’t turn back time. Frankly, Demi should have known better than to marry Ashton in the first place. Sometimes, love is not enough. Actually, it can get in the way of good judgment sometimes.
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