Crazy divorce news: Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant "high net worth divorce" called off


Supermodel Stephanie Seymour and her billionaire husband call of their “high net worth divorce”

Supermodel Stephanie Seymour and her husband Peter Brant have called off their high net worth divorce according to Huffington Post. That is crazy.
Those two put each other through hell (Peter even calling Stephanie a druggie) and then they reconcile? Just like that? Wow. How long is that going to last? Well, for their sake, I hope forever because I believe in marriage and I don’t believe in divorce. But this is definitely crazy. But look, love is crazy. It’s so crazy it kills sometimes. Stephanie and Peter’s love got crazy. But it didn’t kill. They still want each other. Huff Post is saying they walked into the divorce judge‘s chambers today, hand in hand, and declared a truce and called off the divorce. Boy, that saved Peter Brant a lot of money! It doesn’t appear he and Stephanie had a prenup. Mr. Brant would have lost quite a bit of his net-worth if the divorce had gone through.
Wow. Wonder what their divorce lawyers think about this? Boy, this is crazy. But does happen occasionally where parties, even high net worth couples, withdraw their divorce.
For now, Stephanie and Peter divorce off. Marriage back on. Good for them. Mazel Tov. They are going to need it all the luck they can get.
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