Divorce News: Will Frank or Jamie McCourt sue divorce lawyer Larry Silverstein's & law firm Bingham McCutchen for Malpractice?


Did Larry Silverstein, partner in Bingham McCutchen, commit malpractice in Frank and Jamie McCourt’s Dodgers post nup?

Seems Harvard divorce lawyer Larry Silverstein and his firm Bingham McCutchen could face malpractice charges from either Frank or Jamie McCourt.
Mr. Silverstein was the attorney who handled the Dodgers post nup transaction (the subject of their divorce trial) between Frank and Jamie (he represented both McCourts in the transaction, a practice that is frowned upon by the matrimonial bar) and it seems there was a screw up (allegedly committed by him) that has resulted in ambiguity of the parties’ intent at the time the postnuptial agreement was signed, with regard to: Who owns the Dodgers?  
As a result, the ownership of the Dodgers is a big question mark that has  resulted in a costly divorce trial and there is no telling what the outcome will be, only that one of the McCourts stand to lose a LOT of money. 
Now the Los Angeles Times is speculating that one or both of the McCourts could level a massive malpractice lawsuit against Mr. Silverstein and his law firm to the tune of 50% or more of the value of the Dodgers franchise – this could be hundreds of millions of dollars.
What a scary proposition. To be sued for malpractice? Especially when the stakes are so high? No divorce attorney wants to be on the hook for something like this.Poor Mr. Silverstein. And he went to Harvard! How could he have made such a big boo boo? It is a sobering lesson for divorce lawyers all over the country.
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