Octomom Nadya Suleman broke? Welfare next? Will she lose custody of her kids?

BREAKING NEWS: Octomom Nadya Suleman, never married, never divorced but she has 14 kids and will be on welfare soon according to RadarOnline.
Will Octomom Nadya Suleman lose custody of her 14 kids because she is too broke to take care of them? Is she on welfare?
Radaronline is reporting that Nadya Suleman is broke and will be going on welfare to support her children. Poor Nadya. If this is true, all I can say is, “Poor Nadya.” 
Where is the Catholic Church and other pro-lifers at a time like this? Where is EWTN? If Nadya had had eight abortions instead of given birth to eight lives no one would hear the end of it on EWTN. That would be a 24/7 condemnation. They would be picketing outside her home as we speak. Till she died. But she gave birth to eight lives. And she needs help feeding her kids. I don’t see EWTN anywhere. 
Why aren’t more of these folks stepping up to help this Octomom Nadya Suleman provide for the lives of these children she brought into the world? Why isn’t Nadya Suleman getting more help? Because she is single and not that “good looking” as was suggested on the View? Because she is a single mom and not that good looking?
I could barely believe it when someone of those yentas on the View said it might be because Nadya is not as cute as Kate Gosselin that she hasn’t gotten the help. Just now. One of those yentas said that. Someone of them said that and I couldn’t watch anymore. I was like, wow. I walked away. I came to my office to blog on my computer. I was so mad. I was hopping mad.
What hypocrisy!!! She’s not that good looking?! So fourteen children starve?
This is crazy. Where is the Pope? Where is the Catholic Church? Where are all the conservative republicans? And the Conservative religious right wing?  Where is Elizabeth Hasselbeck? Where is everyone with financial means who believe it would have been a mortal sin for the Octomom to have done anything other than bring these lives into the world? Why isn’t there anyone who is assisting the Octomom with these kids financially? What is going on? We’re treating Nadya like she had eight abortions. She had eight kids. She gave life to eight beautiful little people. And if we believe that God doesn’t make mistakes, then those kids were meant to be here. And they need to be fed. And the Octomom don’t got no money!
How many fucking billionaire pro-life conservatives are in this country? Heck, isn’t Rupert Murdoch a conservative? He has a lot of money. He’s conservative. What about those billionaire Koch brothers.  Can’t ANYONE do ANYTHING to help Nadya Suleman and her children?
OMG. I tremble. I tremble.
What about Warren Buffet and Bill Gates? They are giving away money like it grows on trees; like it’s water. They are these self-described philanthropists who go all over the world to help people. Haven’t they heard that charity begins at home? Why isn’t anyone stepping up to help this mother and these children? Why? Because she has too many children? Because she is a single mother? Because she is not that cute?
What about Oprah? Oprah had Nadya on her show. Can’t she do ANYTHING to help? And I love Oprah like the next person. But what is going on? How come she hasn’t tried to help?
Isn’t there a single corporation in this country that can step in and help this family? What is going on?! 
Shame on everyone! Shame on all of you fucking rich hypocrites who condemn a woman for terminating a pregnancy, who claim to be pro life, but would stand aside and watch a mother and her children perish, because you feel she was single, broke and not that cute and so she had no right to bring children into the world. I apologize for Nadya that she doesn’t have a husband and that she was broke. NADYA IS SORRY EVERYONE, THAT YOU THINK SHE’S NOT CUTE AND THAT SHE IS A SINGLE MOTHER OF FOURTEEN!
Ok. So now what? Where does that leave us?
At least, to my shock, Elizabeth Hasselbeck stood up for the right of a woman to have autonomy and freedom to do with her uterus what she may. God knows, I am generally frightened of Elizabeth Hasselbeck. FRIGHTENED. I expected her to be in favor of the right wing position of trying to control a woman’s uterus. But still. All of these people are hypocrites. They sit and they talk and they judge Nadya Suleman. But they are just empty vessels. They are empty vessels. Because they are in a position to help Nadya and they stand by like judgmental fuckards and watch her and those children rot. And it’s wrong. It’s a shame. It’s a crying shame on America. And I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to hear nothing (and that was sic on purpose) from any of you about the fact that she shouldn’t have done this. I don’t care that she shouldn’t have done this. I don’t give a damn. These are little kids. Somebody has get off their judgmental high horse (as if their shit don’t stink) and help this family. Especially those with the big bucks who claim to be pro life. Who are so righteous about life. Well, this is it right here. This is your chance to step up and put your money where your mouth is, so that people can see that you are more than just a mouthpiece. Do something for the Octomom and her kids. Help the Octomom and her children. They need your help. These little “lives” need your help. So, HELP!!!
This makes me cry, actually. I am crying. This really upsets me. I probably should delete this post because it is my raw reaction to something. But I am going to hit post. Because somebody’s got to stand up for Nadya.
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