Political Divorce: Could the U.S. and UK ever divorce?

Could the U.S. and UK ever have a political divorce?

I was sleuthing the Internet yesterday and visited Judith’s Divorce Blog written by a UK divorce solicitor. She raised the question of whether UK and US, who she describes as being in a “marriage of convenience” could ever divorce? I thought it was a great question. Could America and England ever go their separate ways? This has been a long term marriage that dates back long before the Second World War, obviously. I mean, America was once one of England’s concubines, so to speak. Well, maybe that’s not a good way to put it. But you get what I’m saying, right? The two countries have been in bed together for a long time and continue to snuggle with each other as they fight the war in Afghanistan, polish up the situation in Iraq and otherwise keep the civilized world in check with their joint policies and shared politics.

But it’s a tough time for both countries and the electorate is definitely being very tough on both ruling administrations in both countries. And so, I wanted to just throw this up on the board and ask whether the two countries could ever divorce and for what reason?
I mean, things are pretty grim in the U.S. at the moment with so many people calling for President Obama’s head. And while I don’t follow British politics, it seems things are pretty grim there too. Just the other day one of Tony Blair’s right hand men was talking about the very thing with Charlie Rose. So the countries are not only married in global policies, they are also married in domestic misery as well.
I guess if they ever divorce, it would be over the situation in Afghanistan. Or, of course, if something else happens which is totally possible given the world we live in today. I certainly hope nothing happens. But I don’t have that much confidence in my fellow human beings these days. They are predictably unpredictable and are capable of anything.
I just hope that if there is a divorce, it doesn’t happen on Obama’s watch. Poor Obama. Why do people hate him so? It is frightening. It must be how people felt in the 1960’s when the national guard had to escort little kids to school.¬† I know that history will look back at this time in our history with the same shame and regret that we feel when you look back at the 1960’s. But in the meantime, I just wonder if we, if Obama, will be able to hang on to his international friends, or whether they, too, will turn on him and call for his head, and then, sua sponte, divorce him.
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