Did Jamie/Frank McCourt attorney Silverstein act unethically by switching Dodger "schedules"

How much ethical hot water is divorce attorney Larry Silverstein in?

This is confusing but it almost sounds as if McCourt divorce attorney Larry Silverstein admitted on the stand today that he switched certain schedules in the Dodger agreement that Jamie and Frank McCourt signed; and that his switch effectively gave Frank McCourt exclusive ownership of the Dodgers when Jamie had never intended that to be so.

I’m like, huh?

In questioning on the stand, it almost seems as if the attorney for Jamie McCourt got Mr. Silverstein to admit that he violated ethical rules by substituting a signed, notarized document for another without the express permission of the adversely affected party – which would be Jamie since she is left with zero percent ownership in the Dodgers franchise.

This is crazy. First of all, it appears that Mr. Silverstein’s representation both husband and wife in a transaction was borderline unethical because even if they both waived their right to independent counsel, the fact that Silverstein seemed to be working zealously on Frank’s behalf and not Jamie’s means that this guy violated his ethical obligations to at least one of his clients in this case – and that is expressly verboten, isn’t it?

But then to actually switch documents to try to circumvent the intentions of at least one of those parties he was supposed to be representing? That’s crazy. Clearly, I am not understanding this case and these issues – wouldn’t be the first time. You read the Los Angeles Times piece and make your own decisions about Larry Silverstein’s conduct. My reading of it suggests that he should at least go before an ethics committee on this one, at a minimum, or face a massive malpractice lawsuit at a maximum, if Jamie loses.

This guy, Larry Silverstein, had over 30 years of experience as a lawyer. So it’s hard to conceive of what he was thinking when he did this. This is very confusing….and was Frank in on this?

Because that would mean that he anticipated the divorce. Jamie was going along completely oblivious while she was getting totally stabbed in the back. Wow.

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