Dear Divorce Professional: Is your messy office bad for business?

I was just browsing the web and came across this article written by a divorce attorney in North Carolina: It poses an interesting question: whether the state of your office can be detrimental to your bottom line. I think so. I remember keenly walking into the office of this lawyer once and I was stunned by the mountain of files, paper and maybe even trash that was exploding from the room. I secretly wondered if he was crazy. At a bare minimum, I thought he was tragically bored, or suicidal or something, there was just so much stuff! Everywhere! I got confused just trying to conduct a five minute conversation with him.

But he assured me all was fine so who am I to say anything? I can tell you this: I, personally, can’t function in chaos. At all. You wanna see me acting like a fowl without a head? Put me in a room where there is chaos – of any genre (it could just be people who are chaotic due to their evil ways) and just watch me implode. I need order. And I frankly can’t understand how anyone, lawyers in particular, can think when their office or space is in disarray. How do they find things? Like files and phone numbers and cases and stuff like that? Very perplexing when you think about it. I can still vividly see that lawyer’s office in my mind’s eye and years hence I still wonder: is he nuts? And then he did something that convinced me that, yes, Virginia, he’s more than nuts. He’s out of his           f^%&ing mind.

But I have to say: As bad as it is to have a lawyer with a messy office? what would you do if you went to see a doctor and his office was in chaos and he’s talking to you about major surgery? My advice? Run. Don’t walk.
And I’m very serious.
Originally published December 6 2010