Divorce-tax fraud: Over-stating taxes and other tricks

Has your spouse used the tax system to defraud you out of money you should have gotten in your divorce settlement? Here’s one trick to look out for: some spouses (the one who is smart about money and taxes) “over-state” their income for that year they are getting a divorce and incur, at least on paper, a huge tax liability (which they pay) but once the divorce judgment is signed, they go in an file an amended return and they get all this money which they keep for themselves.
Smart, eh? But wrong. What can you do? Well, one thing I think you can do (I personally have not seen this case but I’ve read about it happening) is to put something in your settlement that says that if the taxes are amended, you will get your percentage share (whether that’s 50% or whatever it is).
And maybe you should do this as a matter of routine. Trust me, you will be able to gauge if your spouse is up to no good depending on their reaction to this request.
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