Raising Sextuplets stars Jennifer and Bryan Masche to divorce?

Can’t say I’ve ever heard of these people. Just like I hadn’t heard of the Gosselins till they announced their divorce. But now, the Raising Sextuplets stars are apparently separating, not divorcing just yet, following some type of domestic incidence involving the husband. As Perez Hilton points out, this may be good for the wife. Like Kate Gosselin, this may be her ticket to the big time. Especially if she gets a gig on Dancing with the Stars the way Kate did.
I wonder why these women were treated so differently from Nadya Suleman? Other than the fact that they were married at the time of the multiple births. Why are they so different? It seems so arbitrary to me. But I won’t get into it again. Suffice to say, seems, like the Gosselins, this couple could be heading for a marital implosion.
So these women are now single moms. And the best way for them to provide for their vast number of children, will likely be to keep their names and faces on television, do interviews, do reality TV shows, and maybe even get some plastic surgery too. (Kate copped to getting some work done, didn’t she?) Well, as long as they don’t leave their children at any time with nannies to go off and get manicures, I think they will both be better than okay.
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