Glenn Lewis, "Titan of D.C. area divorce bar" sues client for more fees and loses

Divorce Lawyers who sue clients don’t always win.
Apparently, Glen Lewis used to be the president of the Virginia Bar Association and is also is a divorce superlawyer in the Washington D.C. area.
According to the ABA Journal, Mr. Lewis recently sued a former client whose divorce he handled poorly, according to the client and other experts, for an additional half million dollars in fees. 
Mr. Lewis had already received well over a quarter of a million dollars for handling the divorce, but claimed the client, who is also an attorney, owed him half a million more.
The client, according to the ABA and Washington Post, counter-sued for malpractice saying Mr. Lewis did a poor job handling the divorce which, by the way, didn’t even go to trial. (How does a case that doesn’t go to trial amount to nearly a million dollars in fees? That is crazy! Where can I get clients like that? Hey, Terri, if you read this one, kindly inform where I can get my grubby little paws on clients like this. Please.)
In the final analysis, the divorce lawyer lost the case. His client dealt a low blow by bringing on yet another former bar president as his expert witness who basically dismissed Lewis’ claims that his work amounted to over $900K in fees. Bernard DiMuro, the expert former bar president, called the divorce case a “garden variety” case and just bluntly testified that Mr. Lewis wasn’t entitled to the money he sought to get from the client.
Make a long story short, Mr. Lewis and his client settled the case for about $102K. Lewis’ legal team also had to pay $25K in sanctions for failing to comply with pre trial orders.
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