After divorce: Co-parenting vs. parallel parenting

I was reading on this blog called Rock Star Co-parenting and this notion of parallel parenting vs. co-parenting came up. The idea is that sometimes after a divorce, parents are not actually “co-parenting” which is the favored model. They actually “parallel” parent. The thing with parallel lines is that they never meet. So you have two well-intentioned parents doing their thing but there is no cohesion, no collaboration and so the child loses out. The child is conflicted, confused, and blowing in the wind. Versus if parents actually co-parent, they are in collaboration with each other, they defer to each other where the children are concerned. They are on the same page as far as matters concerning their children. The literally parent “together” even though they may be living apart. What a concept, right? It was interesting because I never thought of it like that. Nor did I think about this idea of children feeling displaced after a divorce when they are forced into this 50/50 custodial arrangement that result in the children having two addresses but not feeling like they have even one home. Check out the site for yourself. I think it is run by a divorced mom named Jennifer (she is following us on Twitter and I believe her name is Jennifer but I stand to be corrected.) She’s got an interesting site for parents who are divorced with under-age kids. Check it out here:
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