Mel Gibson divorce updates: divorce settlement at impasse over "goodwill"; plus, Oksana to give Oprah interview

Is it delusional to have thought that now that Mel and Oksana broke up so spectacularly that he and his wife Robin would get back together? Guess so. TMZ is reporting that the estranged Gibsons are close to a divorce judgment. The only thing that is holding up the final agreement is putting a value on Mel Gibson’s “goodwill.” As we see in many of these celebrity cases like Michael and Diandra Douglass and folks like that have that as an issue in their divorce. Companies can have good will issues too and divorcing couples have been known to fight over goodwill of businesses.
But the whole goodwill thing is speculative because it is so hard to quantify and a lot of jurisdictions say that personal goodwill is not even a marital asset because it depends on the reputation of an individual, and your reputation is obviously separate property….Plus, how much can Mel Gibson’s goodwill really be worth at this point? I’m just asking?
Okay. Whatever. But did you hear that Oprah will have a sit down with Oksana Grigorieva? I read that today. She will spill all about the tapes and other tidbits. That should be interesting.
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