Frank McCourt: marriage to and divorce from a divorce lawyer a special type of hell?

Divorce lawyers are intrinsically the devil,” she said.

Frank and Jamie McCourt’s divorce is not yet finalized but everyone is speculating that they think divorce attorney Jamie will win her argument that at least a portion of the Dodgers rightfully belong to her as her cut of their “marital property.”

Frank, a non-attorney, must wish he had simply married a housewife. I hear that divorce lawyers make the worse spouses when it comes time to get a divorce. I don’t know though. I think divorce lawyers are given a bad rap…and I think…I don’t know I”m a bit distracted right now as I can’t seem to upload my podcast about divorce and annulments….but I’m trying to focus on this question of whether divorce lawyers intrinsically make bad spouses, or whether the fact that they are divorce lawyers may actually make them better spouses? What do you think? Here’s what I think.
I think that Frank McCourt has met his match in Jamie McCourt…but what if they reconcile like Peter Brant and Stephanie Seymour? Would that be crazy or what?
Divorcing a divorce attorney is probably not so great because they know all the tricks. So if you are a spouse who will try to trick your spouse and hide assets and play games, a divorce attorney spouse will be able to abolish your mischief a lot easier than a lay person. So yes, I think a divorce attorney spouse can be a special type of hell. And getting divorced from this person is a huge migraine.
Actually, I don’t know why divorce lawyers bother to get married in the first place. Or better yet, why anyone would marry a divorce lawyer. I mean, why did Frank marry Jamie?
Yes, I know. This post is pointless.
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