DODGER DIVORCE: Some wise guy law student writes entire blog about Frank and Jamie McCourt's divorce

Some law student named Josh Fisher has a blog called Dodger Divorce, which, thank you very much, gets A LOT of press and traffic. My big question is, what does he do when the divorce is over? I think closing arguments happened last week. The judge will decide the matter of the Dodger ownership soon, and then not long after, they will have a settlement agreement and then a judgment of divorce.

This is not the Dodger Blogger

My big question is, what does he do for an encore? Does he buy a new URL and start following another high profile divorce? Or what? Strange concept really, basing an entire blog on one divorce. But it worked like a charm. He gets attention from folks like…well, I’m not sure. But I know I heard about his blog somewhere, like the WSJ or something. Not sure. Can’t remember. As usual it’s way past my bedtime and I am cognitively impaired.
But wow. Good for the bloke, eh? And just for the record? Compared to this blog? He gets loads of comments….wonder if he’s planning to be a divorce lawyer when he grows up?…Isn’t that crazy?
(Know how Paris Hilton used to say “that’s hot?” Now, I find myself saying, “That is crazy!” for every single thing. Isn’t that crazy?)
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