Is post-divorce parental alienation a mental disorder? American Psychiatric Association not too sure


Parental Alienation real? Or a bogus claim used to hide abuse?

The Associated Press is reporting that the American Psychiatric Association is wrestling with whether to include parental alienation as a “mental disorder.” Everybody in the profession knows that it’s the go-to accusation for warring couples as they fight for post-divorce custody of their children. Some one of them is likely to accuse the other of parental alienation. The problem is, some people think this is a real syndrome, and other experts think it’s hog-wash. The American Psychiatric Association isn’t sure which side to pick and so they are conducting, I guess, studies, to figure it out.
Meanwhile, according to the article, Alec Baldwin and Kim Bassinger are the power Hollywood couple credited with bringing this whole concept mainstream during their bitter divorce, and custody battle for daughter Ireland. I have to give Alec credit for fighting for that relationship even though at one point there, he lost his cool and said some really ugly things to his daughter. But they seem to have made up, so I guess that worked out.
What do you think? Is there such a thing as parental alienation, or not?
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