David Beckham divorce scandal: Shery Shabani says husband Joseph almost run baller off the road!

Poor beleaguered David Beckham. He is being named in a divorce case involving a friend, Shery Shabani, weeks after he was named in a salacious story of marital betrayal with a prostitute. He is actually suing one of those rag magazines for libel. Says Popeater:

Just last week, Beckham filed a lawsuit against tabloid mag In Touch over a story claiming he’d had an affair with prostitute named Irma Nici. In the splashy report, Nici alleges she had unprotected sex and a threesome with him back in 2007. The soccer star, who has been married to Victoria for 11 years, quickly labeled the report “completely untrue and totally ridiculous, and is suing In Touch and Nici for libel, slander and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Now this nonsense with the Shabanis. Imagine a wife complaining in her divorce papers that her husband tried to run David Beckham off the road due to his “craziness” in believing that she and David were have an affair. I don’t even know Shery and I believe her. How totally ridiculous of her husband. What nonsense! AS if David would ever cheat on his beautiful wife, Posh.
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