Do poor guys cheat on their wives more than rich guys?

What do you think? Do poor guys cheat on their wives more than rich guys cheat on their wives? Who cheats more? I think poor guys cheat more. Why? Because they have more to prove. And probably a lot more free time. A lot of rich guys are very, very busy. They are running million/billion dollar companies and their work is the aphrodisiac and the mistress. They can barely find time to tend the wife never mind the mistress (there are exceptions, of course, but generally speaking I think this is true).
Plus, rich guys know they got it, and they know women want them and they know they can have their pick. They pick the woman they want for a reason and so they don’t need to prove anything beyond that. 
Poor guys are not so confident. The more women they have in their harem, the better because it makes them feel manly and in charge. The women and conquests become the aphrodisiac (there are exceptions, look at Silvio Berlusconi in Italy; he’s rich but he had a lot of free time – like a guy who works 9:00 – 5:00). As a general rule, though, poor guys tend to have more time to kill, especially if they have a 9:00-5:00 job.
On the other hand, maybe I have this all wrong. Maybe the rich guys cheat more because more women throw themselves at them more. What the heck do I know at the end of the day? I’m just surmising. What do you think?
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