Faking the "O" can land you in divorce court

Alright. So the yentas on the View were talking about orgasms today. Yea, I know. I still watch the show even though they made me so mad last week with the Nadya Suleman story.
So, anyway, they had this conversation about orgasms and women who fake it and so I¬†wondered, can faking “it” land you in divorce court? Barbara Walters thinks every woman has faked it. She basically turns to the other four yentas (btw, is “yenta” a slur? I hope not. To me, it means a gossipy woman but colloquially I hope it doesn’t mean something worse…) so anyway, she turns to them and says “haven’t you ever faked it?” And everybody was like, “who me? Never!”
And I thought, here’s a new post idea. I wonder if people get divorced because of the wives “faking” it? I mean, how important are O’s in the grand scheme of things?
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