Do women lawyers have a higher divorce rate than male lawyers?

There was an article recently that got a lot of press about the types of jobs with the highest divorce rates. Turns out, lawyers don’t make the top fifteen. Which is probably one of the most redeeming things I’ve heard about lawyers lately. Indeed, the jobs with the highest divorce rates include: dancers & choreographers (Dancing with the Stars stars’ spouses need to worry!); roofers, waitresses, massage therapists, bartenders and people who work in casinos. The only surprise at this upper echelon position was nurses, who also exhibit a high risk for divorce for some strange reason (the other professions sort of make sense in a weird kind of way).
But lawyers were not topping out the list as I said, which is good. What was interesting though, was an article I perused on the ABAJournal, written a couple of years ago, which you can reference here and it seems that female lawyers have about a 10% chance of divorce as compared to male lawyers who have just a 7% chance of divorce (compare that to 43% for dancers and you get a real visual).
The study which was conducted by a law professor at Washington & Lee University, also found that female lawyers have a lower marriage rate than their male counterparts.
Now, why do women have a higher divorce rate? According to the ABA Journal piece referenced above:

Economist Sylvia Ann Hewlett, who conducted research on high-achieving women in 2001, theorizes that highly educated women have higher divorce rates than their male counterparts because they are attracted to successful men, and can’t give these men the care and support they need.
Hewlett has this advice for well-educated, high-earning women: Look for a husband who is particularly loving and supportive.

Inneresting….well, personally,  I am not married. I definitely am holding out for a certain type of man which may not even exist. I mean, I’ve started to think I’m gonna have to mold the bastard out of my own homemade clay! You know? But, definitely, I find highly successful and intelligent men are very attractive. But at the same time, I need a healthy dose of brawn. AND, he has to be gentle, and kind, and sensitive to my feelings. AND he has to make me laugh. AND, I have to make him laugh too….AND, he has to think I am beautiful just the way that I am (which, admittedly, will be a challenge); AND….oh crap. Look at my hands. They are beginning to look like I’m a sharecropper on a southern plantation!!! No wonder I’m not married!!! Jesus!
No, but seriously, how come women lawyers have a higher divorce rate than men, and a lower marriage rate? What the heck is going on with that?