CHILE: Yonni Barrios' Mistress: Hero Chilean miner not such a hero to wife Marta Salinas: IS A DIVORCE IMMINENT?

CHILEAN MINOR’S MISTRESS: Will Yonni Barrios and wife Marta get a divorce?

Well, well, well. I”m still on hiatus – that means in divorcesaloon parlance that my brain is fried and I’m taking a break to replenish the cells in my frontal cortex so I won’t be reading or writing a heck of a lot for a while, but this story coming out of Chile has just turned me on and I had to come out of my hiatus temporarily.

This is so off the wall!!!

Well, let me start by saying that God bless each and every one of these survivors. I am impressed. I am awed by their strength and, I mean, I cried. Because that’s just what I do in situations like this. I just cry. Because I am so happy for them and their families and this story of survival is such an inspiration so I want to start by saying that. I did not leave CNN for a minute till the very last rescuer was pulled to safety.

But then, the backstory starts to come out, and I find myself cracking up. And this is not even a funny situation. But I cracked up anyway because it’s off the wall. This story is not even nearly over. I mean, how does Yonni Barrios have the audacity to have his mistress meet him at the mine and request that his wife be there too? Is this guy crazy?! I wanna tell you, that’s the craziest thing I ever heard in my life. His wife Marta is a tough broad but I like how she’s playing this: It’s her or me, mofo. You pick.
Marta didn’t even go to see him in the hospital! That is rough. But I understand. I really do. I mean, he’s gotta choose. This is ridiculous.
The thing with these types of tough guys like these miners – and clearly, these guys are TOUGH – is that they are full of testosterone. That is what makes them tough. But the flip side is that one woman is hardly ever enough for men with this much machismo. I mean, it’s a huge turn on, this idea that a man is this tough. I LOVE tough guys. It’s like, they can protect you and take care of you. But you will also have heartache. Because one woman is hardly ever going to be enough. It’s a trade off. And ultimately, at least for some of us women, we’d rather have a guy with a little less brawn if it means we don’t have to deal with BS like this.
But boy. Those miners are hot. They are really, really admirably masculine and tough and just awesome. But. I wouldn’t want to be married to a Yonni Barrio or a guy that is this tough. And based on what Marta Salinas, 58, is saying, she may not want to be married to him anymore either. Which is just fine with his mistress Susana Valenzuela, 50. For sure, she’ll say yes if he proposes after his divorce from Marta. And you already know how it will end up. Because it is a matter of time before he gets a mistress with Susana.

Don’t the two women sort of resemble each other? What do you think?

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