Blogs are a great way for divorce professionals to meet and partner up

I was just perusing the ABA Journal and read this article, A Match Made in the Blogosphere which read in part:

Say what you will about the demise of blogging (though I do agree with Nicole Black’s observation that blogging has changed over the years) but even today with so many other competing social media formats, blogging still serves the craving that humans have had since the days of theGreek Agora, for a public place to debate, to argue, to bond over ideas. Which is why blogging, in some form or another, will forever thrive.  Moreover, as technology decimates geographic limits, blogging will take on even more importance for solo and small firm lawyers,  as a source for finding like-minded colleagues anywhere in the world to partner with on cases, books and even law firms.

I thought, “wow, I totally agree. I have actually met several other divorce professionals through this blog, folks I never would have met if I hadn’t started this blog.”
Of course, others say that the blogging platform is a dying artform and it being replaced by other social media like Twitter and Facebook. Maybe. But its still a great way to connect with like-minded people, xchange ideas, and maybe even collaborate on projects.
What do you think? Have you made any good connections through blogs?